Scarlet Angel $250


(FRONT COVER) -- (Ruby Pearl Sullivan) x (Electric Red x Prince John) Sev. 6 - 7” fl. 27-28” sc. M 20-25 buds. When Scarlet Angel first bloomed as a seedling, it was so shockingly beautiful, I kept going back to look at it. The color is a rich, dark, intense velvet red with a faint watermark. Not only is the color a remarkable break, but the form of the flower is sublime. The petals are extremely wide, and the ruffled petal edges are surrounded by a gold edge. I have never said that I have the best red daylilies out there, but after seeing Scarlet Angel, other hybridizers have kindly paid me that compliment. Scarlet Angel and her sib, Velvet Throne, changed my red breeding program forever. Scarlet Angel can be a bit of a prima donna; she can hang, and if not well fertilized, her color softens as the season wears on. But, when she steps out on stage in all her glory, there is nothing that can compare. These fertile flowers and cold hardy plants are an absolute must for any hybridizer breeding red daylilies.