Previous Introductions

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Special Collections

BEGINNER'S COLLECTION: 8 outstanding named varieties (selected by us) for $300 plus $26 shipping. A catalog value of at least $500 - a savings of $200 or more.

CONNOISSEUR COLLECTION: 10 top daylilies (selected by us) introduced within the last 3 years for $550 plus $28 shipping. A catalog value of at least $800 - a savings of $250 or more.

Entire Spring 2012 Collection

Order all 20 plants for $2,000, a savings of $1,275.

Spring 2012 Individual Collections

Full Form Collection

Order all 10 Full Form daylilies for $1,100, a savings of $500.

Butterfly Collection

Order all 7 Butterfly daylilies for $900, a savings of $300.

Doubles Collection

Order all 3 Double daylilies for $325, a savings of $150.

Spring 2012 Full Form Collection

John Todd

Chartreuse Wonder

Cardinal's Cloak

If You Loved Me


Royal Nobility

Wrennetta Powell

Heart of Manhattan

Christmas Snow

Silver Serenade

Spring 2012 Butterfly Collection

Laws of Illusion

Mystic Butterfly

Soul Catcher

Journey of Magic - Sold Out

Mystical Intuition

Blue Pearl

Inviting Romance

Spring 2012 Doubles Collection

Lovely and Amazing

Seductive Hideaway

Duke of Suffolk

Previous Introductions Currently Available from Le Petit Jardin

Amazing Sights

Amber Rhum


Bella Isabella

Blast of Blue

Blue Note

Blue Eden

Captiva Island

Carved Complexity

Casper's Shadow

Champagne and Diamonds

Chinese Fire Dragon

Closer to Heaven

Coronation Dream

Coronation Tapestry

Cristofori's Encore

Damn the Torpedoes

Darkness Reigns

Days of Joy

December Wedding

Diamonds for Divas

Diana Culbertson

Easter Egg

Easter Pageant

Electric Red

Even Heroes Bleed

Faberge Easter

Fringed Sangria

Full Throttle

Full Circle

Golden Hummer

Hidden Depths

Honor Bound

House of Blues

It's a Dream

Jacqueline Warner

James's Prissy Kristi

Jasmine Rossi

Jazz and Janis

Jules Louis Petit

Kissing The Rain

Lady Alvatine

Lady of Hope

Landon Lee

Last Song

Lilly King


Masked Marauder

Masquerade Show

Morning Comes Electric

Morning Moonlight

Ninth Millennium

Ocean Roar

Other Side of Heaven

Pebble in a Pond

Pieces of April

Pride of Lions

Prince of Virtue

Prisoner of Time

Rhonda Fleming

Royal Cypher

Ruffles Have Ripples

Sanibel Sunrise

Scandal In Bohemia

Scarlet Angel

Seven Wonders

Shock Appeal

Sisters of Mercy

Sitting Queen

Smoke Shadows

Startdust Memories

Take My Breath Away

The Anointed One

Tides Roll In

Time Keeper

Velvet Throne

Victorian Times

Wanda Doma

Waves of Glory

Zoe Allegra